Bellorí Wines made a selection of vineyards to get wines with great personality an pleasant memory on the palate.

The result of this effort is our Bellorí Lágrima, where we find a communion of local varieties from more than 70 years old in very small vineyards, whose grape juice comes from the first cries of grape no pressed.

APPEARANCE It is a rosé wine, young, with varietal character, red raspberry colour and violet bluish reflections.

NOSE It is characterized by its intensity, very fresh fruity aromas (strawberries, raspberries, cherries), very well assembled with citrus notes making a very lively wine thus.

PALATE It has a very nice first tasting notes lead to the freshness of a young wine, with a surprising power an a balanced acidity leaving a longer memory of red fruits of the season, and making the Bellorí Lágrima an elegant, complex, young and fresh wine that invites us to taste it again.