APPEARANCE It is a young white wine, on glass is presented clean and bright straw yellow, as the colour of the spanish barley, and green glints as the leaves of our vineyards in summer.

NOSE On nose is characterized by a high average intensity, with varietal aromas of freshly cut grass an aromatic herbs like hay or fennel very well assembled with balsamic notes such as anise and licorice, with slight hints of white flowers an orange blossom, giving as a result a fresh, elegant an amazing complex wine.

PALATE On the palate the wine has a greedy mouth entrance that leads to a pleasant freshness of a young wine with good acidity.

The finish is long an intense characterized by memories of fresh fruits such as apple an pear, accompanied by the same balsamic notes found in nose.

This great harmony of hints and aromas evoke in our palates an elegant, complex, fresh and young wine that invites to taste a glass of wine again.