It is told that formerly, on bullfighting days, the bullfighting team
met to have a VERMÚ, and among gatherings, laughter, songs and
appetizers, lunch time had passed.

Since then, for bullfighting and not bullfighting people, VERMÚ
TORERO is synonymous with meetings, friends and relaxing
moments enjoying a vermouth without any hurry, savoring
appetizers and words, until coffee hour catches you by surprise.

VERMÚ TORERO is a red vermouth with and intense aroma, slightly
sweet with a very fresh and natural sweetness in the mouth. When
tasted, you can subtly find the botanists distinguishing absinthe,
gentian, eldelberry, ginger, dittany of Crete and orange peel but
you´ll never find alcohols or caramel flavor. The palate is sweet with
aromatic plants and spices ending in slightly bitter notes.

You will not be able to have just one!